Luxury excursions makers in Sicily

Capture the essence of  Sicily. We will be delighted to show You the hidden corners of the Island and introduce you to the inner soul of Sicilian people to create the holiday of a lifetime.Discovering Sicilian treasures by luxury yacht, sailboat, limousine, helicopters and aircrafts or enjoying of the Yacht services at the Giardini Naxos Harbour ( Taormina ).All our services are centered on the concept of time, Your time. Give yourself the privilege of being carefree for a while, even for just a single day. We will interpret your wishes, for your dream vacation in the real essence of Sicily. SPS excursion and luxury services bouquet is valued since 2005 by all guests of Taormina's leading hotels, and we will be honored to design your private, perfect journey. Passion, culture and style are our choice. Welcome on board !