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AS 350 B3


Manufacturer: Ecureil
Type: Helicopter


Year: 2008
Engine: Turbomeca Arriel 2 B 847shp

Pax: 5

Crew: 1
Base: Aeolian Island

Features: Emergency floats. ELT (emergency locator transmitter). Inflatable raft 6 persons with ELT satellite. Survival Kit.


Light single-engine version of the Ecureuil family, equipped with a turbine Turbomeca Arriel 2 B 847 hp. Equipped of FADEC (Full Authority Digital Control) for safe and easy aircraft. In the range of single-engine helicopters, this is definitely the most versatile and economical, and thanks to its characteristics it is particularly suitable to operate, according to the new JAR OPS 3 regulation, in areas classified as “hostile” as over water or mountain flights. Maximum takeoff weight: 2,250 kg Maximum take off weight with external load 2,800 kg. Barycentric hook load max: 1,400 kg. Capacity: 1 pilot & 6 pax Speed: 258 km / h 140 kts Range: 662 km. 357 n.m.



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Tours Avaiable

Taormina Bays

Enjoy a day on board of one of SPS modern and well equipped yachts.


A unique scenery to enjoy your happy hour or special dinner at anchor in a charming bay.

Aeolian Tour

The AEOLIAN ISLANDS are of volcanic origin and they set in stunning intense dark blue waters, wrapped in glittering reflections.


A perfect relaxing day cruising among the most beautiful bays of the south coast and discovering the origins of Greek Culturein Sicily.


An innovative project that sums it all up, earth and sea, where everything is really included and allows you to synthesize in a true glance the essence of Sicily..

Ciclopi Island

Navigate between the rocks thrown by Polifemo from the top of Mount Etna, living the myth, the legend, the nature.

Stromboli by Night

This is a unique opportunity to visit one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular shows: the eruption of the Stromboli volcano.


We give you the opportunity to rent the boat, create the route you prefer and pay the fuel at consumption.