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How to get there :
Entrance tool booth Taormina (direction Messina), proceed in the Highway direction Palermo.
Take the exit “Falcone”, and proceed in the SS113 road (direction Messina).
After ca 4Km, turn left to the SP99 road.
The marina will be easily noticeable following the sign of “Blu Hotel” or “Portorosa Residence”.
A member of our crew will wait for you at the Portorosa’s Marina entrance and will lead you to the boat.You will be able to park the car in the marina’s private parking (no fees).
Is suggested to depart from the hotel not later than 8.15 AM, in order to arrive in ca 90min to destination (107Km).Total toll fees: 12.60 A/R

The Marina Portorosa consists of an outer harbor, defended by an outer breakwater and a breakwater, and some internal docks banchinate obtained for excavating. Hazards: the input port can be difficult with the wind and seas NW. Who comes from the West (Tindari) proceeding much below the cost of entry into port lights may appear to be reversed: we must take further offshore to spot them in the correct position and then go to port safely. Access time: continuous. Access: vessels with draft less than 2.50 am must ask permission to the direction of the port and still wait the arrival of the dinghy. Lighthouses and beacons: 3270 (E 2040) – (radar reflector) green flashing light, period 4 sec., Range 5 M on the end of the outer breakwater, 3270.2 (E 2040.2) – (radar reflector) red flashing light, period 4 sec., range 5 M on the end of the pier. Sea bed: sand and mud, good holding ground. Depths: mouthpiece 4 to 5 m; dock from 2.00 to 3.80 m. Radio: VHF Channel 16 – 09 (continuous). Berths: 680 in 60/70 reserved for boats in transit. Maximum length: 40 m (in the outer), 30 m in internal docks. Prohibitions: 3 knots maximum speed. In lakes of Marinello, accessible from the sea and in a buffer zone facing, are prohibited navigation, fishing, mooring and transit both within the lakes of Marinello in a buffer zone indicated by buoys following the establishment of special a nature reserve (Councillor D. Land and Environment of the Sicilian Region No. 745/44 of 01.10.98). Winds: dominant quadrant of the I and IV Winds: NW. Shelter: from all winds Safe harbor closer: Oliveri.

Tours Available


We give you the opportunity to rent the boat, create the route you prefer and pay the fuel at consumption.

Aeolian Tour

The AEOLIAN ISLANDS are of volcanic origin and they set in stunning intense dark blue waters, wrapped in glittering reflections.


An innovative project that sums it all up, earth and sea, where everything is really included and allows you to synthesize in a true glance the essence of Sicily..

Stromboli by Night

This is a unique opportunity to visit one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular shows: the eruption of the Stromboli volcano.