Emotional flight on the top of volcano Etna performed by the use of two helicopters with a sequence of touch & go (up to 150 participants!). Once at the top (3,500 mt./11,500 ft.) you can admire the lunar landscapes and the active craters, often smoking. You can see the indelible marks of lava flows that characterize the topography of the area and also the coasts of Sicily to the Calabria. The 20-minute flight is carried out with one or two Ecureuil AS 350 with a maximum capacity of 5 guests each. Considering, for example, a group of 50 guests, the total schedule will be of 60 min including the time for boarding and get off of each group of ten guests. The event can be combined with a wine tasting in one of the most prestigious wineries in the neighborhood. But this is only a pattern of all the many choices to tailor an unforgettable day on Etna.