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Immerse Yourself in the Essence of Sicilian Winemaking, an Exclusive Wine Tasting Experience at Casa Decima

No journey to Sicily is complete without a taste of its world-renowned wines, nurtured amidst the fertile slopes of Mount Etna. Venture closer to the volcano’s central crater, where ancient vineyards flourish, and indulge in an exclusive wine tasting at the prestigious Casa Decima winery. Recognized by “Forbes” in 2024 as one of Italy’s top 100 excellence destinations, this extraordinary establishment offers a window into the artistry of Sicilian winemaking, complemented by meticulously crafted food pairings. For those seeking an added touch of luxury, arrive at the winery via private helicopter, a privilege reserved for the discerning few. As you touch down amidst the lush vineyards, prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other. Sip on exquisite wines derived from grapes cultivated in the unique terroir of Etna’s volcanic soils, each sip revealing layers of complexity and character. As you savor the wines, feast your eyes on the surrounding countryside, where striking contrasts of black lava stone and verdant vineyards create a mesmerizing backdrop for your tasting experience. Your journey at Casa Decima begins with a warm welcome and an introduction to the estate’s rich history, traditions, and winemaking techniques. Explore the vineyards, vegetable gardens, and olive groves on a panoramic walking tour, soaking in breathtaking views of the Nebrodi mountains and Mount Etna. To tantalize your palate and heighten your senses, indulge in a tasting of four “Cru” and “Super Cru” wines from numbered collections, each expressing the unique terroir of the region. Experience the essence of Sicilian craftsmanship with a volcanic vodka tasting made from ancient Sicilian grains, followed by a sampling of the estate’s own extra virgin olive oil. No wine tasting experience is complete without delectable food pairings, and at Casa Decima, you’ll be treated to four hearty meal courses prepared by our skilled chef, perfectly complementing the wines we taste. Embark on a journey of flavor, culture, and luxury at Casa Decima. Book your exclusive wine tasting experience today and discover the true essence of Sicilian hospitality amidst the beauty of Mount Etna. The experience at Casa Decima begins with a warm welcome and introduction to places, history, traditions, vineyards, vegetable garden and olive grove tour. The knowledge of the vineyard continues with a panoramic walking and breathtaking views of “Nebrodi” and “Mount Etna” toward the “heroic” high-altitude vegetable garden. To enhance the pleasure of the palate and sense of smell we will begin tasting 4 “Cru” and “Super Cru” from numbered collections, volcanic vodka tasting of ancient sicilian grains and of our oil “Evo“. The zero-kilometer food tasting consists of four hearty meal courses cooked by our cook at the time, along with the wines we tasted. Access the Wine Tasting card.

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  • The departure time for the transfer from hotels of the Taormina area to CASA DECIMA is at 10:00 am.
  • The duration of the Wine Tasting is approximately 3 hours [from 11:00 am to 02:00 pm], beyond the transfer time, round trip, from the hotels of the Taormina area.
  • The experience of the cooking class includes the transfer.
  • Requesting availability is mandatory before booking.
    The wine tasting at Casa Decima by Helicopter also includes a round-trip transfer from the hotels in the Taormina area to the helipad in Giardini Naxos.
    Max pax = from 1 to 8 (6 for transfer by helicopter).

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