Aeolian Gulet

Aeolian Gulet caicco aeolian islands charter


Aeolian Gulet caicco aeolian islands charter. Considered among the most prestigious boats of its kind in Italy. Like all Gulets is of Turkish origin, but as soon as it arrived in Italy it has been the subject of necessary modernizations, both in terms of safety and style ; now both Turkish and Sicilian style. The imprint remains the original one of the sailing ships that carried cargo, but the refit and design has been made for luxury week charter. The 8 cabins, 26 meters of length and 7 of width guarantee a good liveability for over 16 passengers plus the 4 crew members. The finishes are all in precious wood, that gives a charm of the past to the environments on board, in harmony with modern technologies, both for a more pleasant stay on board (such as air conditioning, RADAR, AIS, Flir thermal camera, or the EPIRB system security equipment constantly connected via satellite to the port authorities. The kitchen, backbone of the holiday, with smells and flavors of Sicily, will leave you with an aftertaste of melancholy as soon as you get off the ship.

TYPE: Gulet
ENGINE: 2 x 280 hp Aifo
L.O.A.: 85′ (26,00 mt.)
BEAM: 23′ (7,00 mt.)
YEAR: 2000
REFIT: 2019
TOP SPEED: 12 Knots
BASE: Milazzo harbor
CABINS: 8 Cabins with private WC
TYPE: GuletENGINE: 2 x 280 hp AifoCREW: 4L.O.A.: 85′ (26,00 mt.)
BEAM:23′ (7,00 mt.)MAX GUESTS: 16YEAR: 2000REFIT: 2019
CRUISE SPEED: 7 KnotsTOP SPEED: 12 KnotsBASE: Milazzo harborCABINS: 8 Cabins with private WC