Gran Soleil 40


Fantastic performance and elegance distinguish the Grand Soleil 40, a project signed by the Duck Design studio and by Patrick Roseo for the Del Pardo shipyard. The deck plan features a barely hinted deckhouse, teak finishes and a large and functional cockpit. Below deck, the rooms offer good lighting and sophisticated design. In addition to the cabins, there is a bathroom, the kitchen on the left side, the corner for the correspondence to starboard of the descent and the central square.
Fuel consumption = 12 liters / hour.

TYPE: Sailng Boat
ENGINE: 1 X 40 hp VP
L.O.A.: (41,2′) 12,55 Mt.
BEAM: (12,7′) 3,80 Mt.
MAX GUESTS: 8 daily (4 charter )
YEAR: 2005
REFIT: 2015
TOP SPEED: 10 Knots
BASE: Sicily (Aeolian islands harbors)
CABINS: 2 double + 1 WC
TYPE: Sailng BoatENGINE: 1 X 40 hp VPCREW: 1L.O.A.: (41,2′) 12,55 Mt.
BEAM: (12,7′) 3,80 Mt.MAX GUESTS: 8 daily (4 charter )YEAR: 2005REFIT: 2015
CRUISE SPEED: 5 KnotsTOP SPEED: 10 KnotsBASE: Sicily (Aeolian islands harbors)CABINS: 2 double + 1 WC