Jeanneau Leader 36 – Palermo Cefalù Boat Tour Private Day Trip

The Ultimate Jeanneau Leader 36 Cruising at the Cefalù Bay – Best Full or Half Day Boat Trip

Palermo Cefalù Boat Tour Private Day Trip Jeanneau. A new Jeanneau Leader in Cefalù cruise along the bays of the gulf. Best day cruise. Embark on an exclusive maritime adventure with the Jeanneau Leader 36, a premier day cruiser that offers unparalleled luxury and performance. Whether you’re exploring the pristine waters of Cefalù, the historical richness of Palermo, or the enchanting Aeolian Islands, the Jeanneau Leader 36 ensures an exceptional boating experience. Known for its sleek design, power, and comfort, this vessel is perfect for those seeking both adventure and relaxation on the sea.

Jeanneau Leader 36 – Private Day Cruise at the Cefalù Bays – Unforgettable Boat Tour Experience at the Palermo Coast

TYPE: Day Cruiser
ENGINE: 2 X 260 hp Volvo Penta TD
L.O.A.: (38′) 11,62 Mt.
BEAM: (11′) 3,62 Mt.
YEAR: 2019
TOP SPEED: 28 Knots
BASE: Cefalù Touristic Pier
Type: Day CruiserENGINE: 2 X 260 Hp Volvo Penta TDCREW: 2L.O.A.: (38′) 11,62 Mt.
BEAM: (11′) 3,62 Mt.MAX GUESTS: 8YEAR: 2019REFIT:
CRUISE SPEED: 18 KnotsTOP SPEED: 28 KnotsBASE: Cefalù Touristic Pier