Embark on a special journey through the enchanting Aeolian Islands with our fantastic boat tours. Dive into the beauty of these volcanic wonders, surrounded by deep blue waters that invite exploration. Picture the calmness of sailing on a comfy yacht, uncovering hidden bays and magical spots only reachable by sea.

The Aeolian Islands – Vulcano, Salina, Lipari, Panarea, Stromboli, Alicudi, and Filicudi – each have a unique charm, like living myths.

Discover the Aeolian Islands with our boat tours, offering a special way to experience them. Start your adventure conveniently from Portorosa, Cefalù, or directly from the islands for a seamless journey.

These islands celebrate their natural beauty and cultural significance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Anticipate this to become one of your most cherished experiences, crafting memories to treasure. Choose from weekly rentals, 2-day trips, or sailing weekends to create your perfect experience.

Make your time in Sicily truly mamorable by taking a boat tour of the Aeolian Islands. It is bound to be one of your most cherished experiences, creating memories to treasure.


Boat Tours: Immerse yourself in the Aeolian Islands with our exceptional boat tours.

Various Options: Choose from weekly yacht rentals, 2-day trips, sailing weekends, and more.

Easy Departures: Start your adventure from Portorosa, Cefalù, or any of the islands.

UNESCO Beauty: Explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with natural and cultural wonders.

Delicious Cuisine: Enjoy local flavors with delectable dishes featuring fresh fish.

Personalized Exploration: Customize your boat tour for a personal and leisurely experience.

Embark on an amazing trip to the beautiful Aeolian Islands with our fantastic boat tours, and create memories that will last a lifetime.